Thursday, 19 November 2015

Luge horror

It was a humid day in Queenstown. My colossal uncle and I were going luging together. We were making our way up the immense hill that lead up to the gondola carts.

We finally got to the top of the enormous hill and into the gondola cart building. We checked in and then waited for the next gondola Cart, then leaped into it. As we glided up the shaky gondola we turned round and saw the pleasant view of Queenstown.

 We got to the top and we got off the gondola and headed straight to the luge. As soon as we got to the ski carts we hopped on one and off we flew. As soon as we got off I bolted to the tremendously long line for the luge, it felt like it had took 6 hours, then finally I jumped into the cart and zoomed off.

 I was bolting down the track zigzagging around every corner. But then everything went wrong in a split second. My front wheels had come off. I was going round the corner so I flew off the track and landed half a meter away from the cliff drop off. 

My uncle came running down to me to check if I was ok. I was except for a few cuts and abrasions . I was carried up to the cart building take care of me. And that was the story of my luge horror.

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  1. So much detail I like the second too last paregraf very dramatic very scary
    Overall it was a good peice of writting and I enjoyed reading it.