Monday, 19 October 2015

Hiding spot

I start to run. Meg was counting 1..2..3 I am running to my rusty worn garage. I quickly fiddle with the lock aha I was in. I couldn't hear my sister counting anymore. It was coming. I quickly took of  the couch cushion and jump in. I can feel the creepy crawlies squirming up my back. I rush to conceal myself within the couch. And then the room falls quite. “It smells dark and musty” I say to myself quietly. As I lift up  the cushion just so slightly so I could  breathe. I can smell the old cooking oil with a hint of wine. Then I hear footsteps getting. closer this game of hide n’ seek is turning into a horror movie. I start panicking. I'm breathing so loudly you could hear it from miles away like a beached whale inhaling air. Then I hear the dreadful sound. Creeeeeak. It was the door. It was in here with me. Oh no I'm going to get caught, I'm going to be in. Then I hear the door again. Yes, it's left. Phew. I can relax. Whirrrrrrr…. What was that I say to myself under my breath I felt startled. Then I  remembered that my mum turned on the dryer. Then I hear those wonderful words “you've...won...Ollie”. I literally jump out of the couch and zig zag out of the garage, and standing in the backyard was everyone. “Go Ollie go Ollie” I say to myself quietly while doing a little dance.

By Ollie

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