Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Reflecting on term2

Reflecting on term 2

In term two we were studying waterways. In the class we were split into two groups. Half of them went the Groynes and a water pumping station. The other half went to the museum and Travis Wetlands. I went to the museum and Travis Wetlands.

When we got to the museum we learnt about what would happen if we used too much water. Eventually all will be gone except for salt water so whenthe salt water goes into aquifers and we will all die eventually. We also played a game where there were 10 cards for how much water you could use in each day. One set of the ten cards had  5l 10l and so on. And the other half had pictures of everyday tasks. We had tos match how much water was used on those everyday tasks.

Travis Wetlands

After the museum we went to Travis Wetlands. When we got there we were nicely greeted by Pete. He told us about Travis wetlands and how to be safe there and not scare the animals living there. Then he took us into a room that had an audiotape that told us when Travis wetlands was found. Then we played a game where we took an item out of a kete and we would try and guess what it is. And then Pete took us to a room where we used binoculars to try and find birds that they had pictures of them. The last thing we did at Travis wetlands was where we got a special type of net that had really small holes so invertebrates couldn't swim out but water could. And then we carried the net other and put it in a tray of water and did a small swish so the invertebrates could swim out so we could try and find some invertebrates. We also had on the side a piece of paper that had the invertebrates in the river on it. Brooklyn, Bruno and I found a midge damselfly.

The big finale

The first thing that happened was the Kahoot that Felix, Andre Henri and Will made. After that people went round and had a look at all the other wonderful things like the bird mansion and that was my creation that I made with Ryan and Hayato. And I don't mean to brag but Ryan, Hayato and mine got crowded. Also we made a poster but I didn't get it finished. And the last thing at the finale was the photography competition. And that was the end of the finale.

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