Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Water monitoring process writing

Water monitoring process writing
Hello I'm here to tell you what we do to test water in the morning because we want to check the water quality.

First, I test the pH because if water has a high level of pH in it it will melt your insides.  However, if you have very low PH it will also melt your insides in a different way.

Secondly, I test the SS (suspended solids)  because the more SS living in it the more you know about whether or not it's drinkable.  Suspended solids are invertebrates fish etc.

Third, I test TDS (total dissolved solids)
When I test the TDS I use a TDS tester and that shows me the a decimal reading result. 

After that I tested the turbidity and what I did was put a book that had 4 lines with different font sizes on each line. 40pt was the largest font and 9pt was the smallest. You want to be able to see is 9pt through the water because that indicates that the water is clean and clear not foggy. And how I know when the water is foggy it means that it is slightly metallic.

The next step is when I test the temperature. If the temperature is really high the water gets really murky and it will extract sunlight which will make the water too hot, which in turn kills the animals, invertebrates and plants.

Then, I test the smell, because if it smells bad it will not be good for the environment because it is likely that it has pollutants and bad bacteria in it. If the water is infected fish and invertebrates will lose their habitat.  

Also, if we take to much water the fish and invertebrates will die from the salt water that comes in from the sea.

  Bye Ollie

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