Monday, 30 March 2015

Iceberg legend

Maui and Motu huka

When Maui was young he saw his whānau wonder off into the forest so he rushed back into his wharepuni and grabbed a pouwhenua and walked slowly into the forest. After two hours Maui started to think his family we're crazy but then he heard his family say

Motu huka, Motu huka, Motu huka.

Then they disappeared into thin air he was very surprised. Then he walked up to the spot that his whānau had disappeared and said Motu huka three times and then he woke up in the underworld were Motu huka lived. He was furious that Motu huka had enslaved his whānau to do his dirty work. So he charged up to Motu huka's Fire Kingdom and demanded that he left his whānau alone but motu huka refused to let them go unless he found the tio crystal then he would let them go.

So Maui had to go get the tio crystal so his whānau would be save. So Maui went on his journey to get the tio crystal. When he was leaving

he overheard the Matā guards talking about how Motu huka had tricked Maui into getting the tio crystal. So Maui made a plan. Maui had to travel through high mountains and muddy swamps then he found the ice barrier that meant that passed that barrier was the tio crystal. After he got passed the barrier he went inside the icicle head and retrieved the tio crystal after getting the crystal he went back to the lava Kingdom. When Maui got back he tricked Motu huka by giving him the matā gem that would turn lava into ice.

Once Maui had given him the matā gem everything turned to ice Motu huka was now made of ice and the Matā guards turned into Huka guards. And then motu huka raged at Maui  but then Maui said now give me my whānau then I will change your kingdom back to how it was when I got here. Fine let them go. Thank you very much. Now change my kingdom back. No Bye bye. And with that That's what would have happened if at first ice was very hot.





Motu huka/huka-iceberg/ice



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