Sunday, 3 July 2016

Pride writing


Today was the big day, tonight I would become a star, we were becoming Living, breathing objects like a candlestick, a clock and some may even be a beast or a beauty. Today we were performing Beauty and the Beast in front of a Cheerful crowd of friends and family. I was Maurice Belle the beauty's dad. My heart was beating like a drum I step onto the stage as the colourful lights beam down on me, I take a deep breath and calm myself I get into character and speak to belle and the crowd. The show was amazing at the end we all walked on stage and waved, I spot my whole inteir family cheering at me with their hearts content. I blush with excitement and embarrassment and hope off the stage and walk out the front door with the rest of relieved and excited Showtime.

DTR 14/06/16

DTR 14/06/16
 Today at DT I first did science with ryan, felix, Jayden, Mia, Gabriel and Andre, then after half way I did my play with Romae

Today I managed my time ok at first the science went ok but we got off track and started to do a different  experiment than we had planned and then Ryan came and joined in when he wasn't supposed to. After that I got kicked out for maki g a tiny mistake so I went and my play with Romae.

Today I noticed Jayden because when we're making the lava lamp he gave us ideas to help make the lava lamp colours move up and down he came up with a good idea by putting dishwashing liquid. And we tried it but it didn't work.

My struggle was when I accidentally put too much dye into the lava lamp by accident and then Ryan kicked me out even though he wasn't supposed to be there.

How I want to improve for when next time I do chemistry is to pick a better partner and have less people doing it with me.

What I achieved when I did chemistry we sort of made the lava lamp work and for my play we finished the script we just need to put the finishing touches then it's done and we have decided to make the play a movie.

Today I learnt about myself that if I work with to many people it gets out of hand and people muck around and that people have arguments.

BY: Ollie

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Camp writing

Hanmer springs forest camp

The overflowing water bucket topples over onto the fearless people.

The boiling hot pools rush with people.

The rushing water streams down the lazy 


The deafening sounds of screams echo from the triage.

The bloody bruised knee buckles to the ground.

The sneaky person dashes to the playground.

By Ollie

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

DTR 08/03/16

Discovery Time Reflection 08/03/16

Today at discovery time I taught Sophie, Emily, Mia,Jessica and Ruby how to do a particular dance.

The role I played was to help everyone in our group learn how to do a dance that I've been learning at my dance class, Zed Creek.

The learning strategy I used was to go slow and make sure they got it right.

A struggle for me was when Sophie had to go to swimming and Meghan cut her foot but I persisted and worked with the people I had left.

I showed growth when not giving up when everybody kept on going and coming.

Next discovery I want to show an improvement by making sure everyone is on task and not goofing off.

Overall I had fun and I'm looking forward to next week. 

Sunday, 3 April 2016

My Special Place


Freezing cold gelato trickles down my face.

The white sandy beaches run down the edge of the lake waterfront .

Boats glide across Steven’s Arm.

The Crystal clear water rushes down Hawea River.

Islands paint Lake Wanaka with bright colours.

Stars pop out in the velvet night sky.

This is my special place.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Popcorn writing

Popcorn Writing

It was a nice sunny day, we were doing something special, today we were making popcorn. We all gathered round the mighty machine. Ms Reynolds turned on the machine at first nothing happened then it rumbled into life. It was almost like it had awoken up from a 100 year sleep. Ms Reynolds poured the kettles into the machine “Pop.. Pop” it started make popping noises and popcorn started to overflow, the amazing smell of butter popcorn wafted up my nose. Then the unspeakable happened a ‘Popcorn Tsunami’ it was flying everywhere and ms Reynolds was grabbing  bowls frantically to fill with popcorn.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Luge horror

It was a humid day in Queenstown. My colossal uncle and I were going luging together. We were making our way up the immense hill that lead up to the gondola carts.

We finally got to the top of the enormous hill and into the gondola cart building. We checked in and then waited for the next gondola Cart, then leaped into it. As we glided up the shaky gondola we turned round and saw the pleasant view of Queenstown.

 We got to the top and we got off the gondola and headed straight to the luge. As soon as we got to the ski carts we hopped on one and off we flew. As soon as we got off I bolted to the tremendously long line for the luge, it felt like it had took 6 hours, then finally I jumped into the cart and zoomed off.

 I was bolting down the track zigzagging around every corner. But then everything went wrong in a split second. My front wheels had come off. I was going round the corner so I flew off the track and landed half a meter away from the cliff drop off. 

My uncle came running down to me to check if I was ok. I was except for a few cuts and abrasions . I was carried up to the cart building take care of me. And that was the story of my luge horror.